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Bank of Ghana: Enabling MSME Growth Through FinTechs
The Bank of Ghana is committed to finding new and innovative ways through policy direction and projects, to promote the growth of MSMEs more than ever before. The Bank continues to support the industry as well as the FinTech ecosystem to bring more benefits to the entrepreneur.
Visa: Making Cross-border B2B Payments More Efficient, Fast, and Transparent
In this article, we will discuss developments with larger value cross-border commercial payments. The Visa Economic Empowerment Institute (VEEI) research found that small businesses which were digitally enabled and connected to global and regional marketplaces fared better than firms that were not; ...
Buna: Cross-border Payments Need Higher Ambition!
In my previous article in this publication a few months after the launch of Buna in 2020, I shared some thoughts on the challenges that cross-border payment systems must tackle to develop and progress. In the past two years, we have been onboarding new participants, growing our list of currencies, r...
BENEFIT Company: In Conversation with Shafaq Alkooheji, Head of Payments Services
ProgressSoft speaks with Shafaq Alkooheji, Head of Payments Services at the BENEFIT Company, about the development, launch, and adoption of e-cheques in Bahrain, part of the Central Bank of Bahrain’s broader digital transformation strategy.
A Digital Dollar? Here’s How We Start
The Digital Dollar Project is a convener of ideas, people, and organizations to facilitate open experimentation and data collection for consideration. We have set out to explore the thesis that a tokenized U.S. dollar could provide societal and economic benefits while continuing to identify the chal...
The COST Action on FinAI: Exploration of FinTech Through a Research Project
Supported by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), the FinTech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance (CA 19130) Project consists of three working groups (WG): WG1 focuses on the transparency in FinTech, WG2 focuses on the transparent versus black box models in the financial industr...

IN THIS ISSUE: June 2022

  • In our Feature article, we hear from the Bank of Ghana’s FinTech and Innovation Office, led by Kwame Oppong, on how fintech and digital financial services are being leveraged to spur MSME growth and expand financial inclusion.
  • In just two short years, the Arab Monetary Fund’s Buna has transformed cross-border payments in the Arab Region and beyond. In our Spotlight, CEO Mehdi Manaa provides an update on Buna’s activities and urges greater stakeholder ambition to make cross-border payments as seamless as domestic transactions.
  • ProgressSoft goes ‘In Conversation’ with Shafaq Alkooheji of The BENEFIT Company, who offers insights into the development, launch, and adoption of e-cheques in Bahrain, part of the Central Bank of Bahrain’s digital transformation strategy.
  • And in our Industry Profile, Chad Harper and Alan Koenigsberg highlight how Visa, through Visa B2B Connect, is streamlining cross-border payments, making B2B payments faster, more efficient, and more transparent.
  • Plus, we catch you up on the latest payments news, industry events, noteworthy speeches and must-read reports of the past month.

IN THIS ISSUE: June 2022

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