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Bank of Japan: Pursuing Safety and Efficiency of the Payment and Settlement System as a Whole
In 2016, the Bank launched the FinTech Center in the Payment and Settlement Systems Department. Since its inception, the Center has engaged in efforts to encourage novel technologies that would contribute to the further convenience and efficiency of financial services, while ensuring financial stabi...
The Big Differences Between CBDC and Mobile Money
When considering CBDC versus mobile money, the similarities between the two technologies outweigh their differences. Yet, CBDC is said to be different from any other type of payment instrument including mobile money, card payments, or electronic funds transfers. The following sections present some ...
Afghanistan Digital Payments and the Rise of AfPay
The Afghanistan Payments System (APS) was spearheading the modernization of retail banking in the country—and was poised to ride that momentum well into the future—when the Afghan government collapsed in August 2021. Ahmad Shakir Wali, Managing Director of APS at the time of the collapse, shares the...
OeNB Explores Blockchain for Digital Assets and Payments
In 2021, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) joined forces with OeKB CSD GmbH, the Austrian Treasury (the Republic’s debt management office OeBFA), Raiffeisen Bank International AG and Erste Group Bank AG to launch DELPHI, a joint research project to explore the suitability of blockchain techno...
RTGS.global: Building a Financial Market Infrastructure for the Digital Age
While the industry’s focus remains largely on modernising retail transactions, wholesale payment systems, which ultimately underpin and enable rapid retail transfers to take place, have not yet benefitted from meaningful transformation. This is especially true in cross-border wholesale payments, whe...
Bank Al-Maghrib: Steering the Evolution of Payments in Morocco
As part of the implementation of its 2019–2023 strategic plan, whose motto is “To be an efficient, innovative Central Bank and a force for change at the service of the country,” Bank Al-Maghrib strengthened in 2020 its positioning as a catalyst for innovation through the operationalization of its on...

IN THIS ISSUE: April 2022

  • Masaki Bessho, Head of Fintech Center at the Bank of Japan, updates us on the Bank's retail central bank digital currency PoC—now in Phase 2—and explains how the central bank is developing a payment and settlement system suitable for a digital society.
  • And in our Industry Profile, ProgressSoft Corporation's Mahmoud Zamel examines the core differences between CBDC and mobile money and considers the fate of the latter if forced to compete with a general purpose CBDC. Is there room for both?
  • Plus, our usual thorough round-up of the latest payments news—including major developments in the UK and the United States—the must-read reports published in the past month, and much more!

IN THIS ISSUE: April 2022

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