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JoPACC: Jordan Marks a Decade of Digital Financial Services Developments and Innovations
The past decade has been a game-changer for Jordan's financial ecosystem, especially in terms of digital financial services and financial technology. In the first half of the decade, the country saw major developments in digital infrastructure, legislative environment, and payment system services. I...
In Conversation
Bank of Albania: In Conversation with Ledia Bregu, Part Two
In part two of our interview with Ledia Bregu, Director of Payment Systems, Accounting and Finance Department for the Bank of Albania (BoA), the conversation turned to AIPS EURO, a new payments infrastructure launched in 2022, Albania’s EU membership aspirations, progress on cross-border and instant...
Retail Payments
Discover Global Network: Advances in Technology Bring a World of New Approaches to Payments
How can central banks, banks and domestic payment schemes utilize P2P digital wallet solutions to gain access to traditional point-of-sale methods of payment, giving more local control over domestic payments, while easing the technical and operational burden on merchants and acquirers to implement n...
In Conversation
Bank of Albania: In Conversation with Ledia Bregu, Part One
The Feature article in the August 2020 issue of Central Bank Payments News (CBPN) was authored by the Bank of Albania’s Ledia Bregu. At the time, Albania was less than half-way through its National Retail Payments Strategy, 2018–2023, an ambitious document that sought to expand financial inclusion a...
Unifits: Efficiency Meets Reliability - The Underestimated Risk of Introducing New Payment Schemas
Does centralized and industry-specific test automation for FMIs effectively solve multiple problems? Jonathan Misler of Unifits asks ChatGPT a series of questions to get an objective view on Unifits' products and whether they solve the problems they promise.
Financial Inclusion
Mojaloop: Achieving Financial Equity Across Asia and Africa Requires a Digital Approach to Financial Inclusion
Named after the Swahili word for “one,” the Mojaloop open-source software project was established in 2017 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address the lack of guaranteed inclusiveness and interoperability within nations’ payment systems to allow all citizens to fully engage in the global ec...

IN THIS ISSUE: March 2023

  • Our Feature this month comes to us from Maha Bahou, CEO of the Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC), who describes Jordan's digital transformation over the past decade and JoPACC's critical role as the operator of domestic payment systems.
  • Part 2 of our conversation with Ledia Bregu of the Bank of Albania (see last month's issue for the first installment), in which we discuss new payments infrastructure in Albania, cross-border and instant payments, CBDC, Albania's EU membership aspirations, and more.
  • In our Industry Profile, Discover Global Network's Jerry Fosker considers whether central banks and domestic payment schemes should partner with international payment schemes to gain ground in the digital wallet and P2P market.
  • Plus, we've got our usual thorough round-up of the latest news, notable speeches, and must read-reports, including a look at offline payment security from Lipis Advisors/ Crunchfish and offline CBDC payments from IDEMIA.
IN THIS ISSUE: March 2023

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