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Kazakhstan: Future of Payment and Digital Financial Infrastructure
The National Bank of Kazakhstan is building payment and digital financial infrastructure in the interests of everyone. These projects are aimed to stimulate competition, increase security and convenience, and, importantly, reduce the cost of financial services for end consumers.
Instant Payments: Cornerstone of a Future Digital Payments Ecosystem
A conversation about instant payments with Deniss Filipovs, Strategic Business Development, and Edgars Bremze, Lead Strategic Product Manager, at Tietoevry
Centro de Innovación Financiera: Creating the Regulatory Framework for Fintech in Costa Rica - The Leading Role of the Regulator in a Small Economy
This article describes the elements of the FinTech roadmap that the Superintendencies, the National Council for Supervision of the Financial System (CONASSIF), and the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR), have been implementing for the design of a regulatory framework for FinTech in the country. Speci...
ProgressSoft: Offline Use in Central Bank Digital Currencies - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Offline use may be a critical differentiating factor in the value proposition of a CBDC for end users, compared with its commercial bank card and electronic counterparts. Because consumers understandably do not appreciate the difference between commercial bank and central bank liabilities, offline u...
Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo: In Conversation with Dardan Fusha, Director of the Department for Payment Systems
The Central Bank Payments News team recently caught up with Dardan Fusha, Director of the Department for Payment Systems at CBK, who filled us in on the implementation of CBK’s National Retail Payments Strategy, plans to enhance legislation and regulation to enable innovative payments, the future of...
Banco Central del Ecuador: Determining Electronic Payments Preferences in Ecuador
The results of the 2021 Banco Central del Ecuador study, Preferences in the Use of Electronic Payments in Ecuador, used the estimation of a logistic model that identified the main characteristics that influence the use of means of payment by the Ecuadorian population. According to the results obtain...

IN THIS ISSUE: September 2022

  • Binur Zhalenov, CEO of the Payment & Financial Technologies Development Center of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK), on the development of a payments and financial infrastructure that is prepared for the future and works for everyone.
  • In our Industry Profile, we sit down for a conversation with Deniss Filipovs and Edgars Bremze of Tietoevry, who discuss why instant payments—fast, simple, and secure—will underpin the future digital payments ecosystem.
  • Plus, we provide our usual thorough coverage of this month's global payments news, including a curated list of must-read industry reports, in-person and virtual events you won't want to miss, and much more!

IN THIS ISSUE: September 2022

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