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Digital Payments
In Conversation with Zeynel Abidin Avcı and Bilgehan Kürsad Öz of the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye
The Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye (CBRT) is playing a catalytic role in the development of a “robust and innovative payment landscape,” most notably with the establishment in 2021 of an instant payment system and, more recently, its work on a digital Turkish lira. Central Bank Payments New...
Cross-Border Payments
RTGS.global: Why Cross-Border Payments in Opportunity Markets are Ripe for Disruption
At RTGS.global we recently facilitated a series of frictionless cross-border payments and settlements between a group of progressive institutions in three rapidly growing markets: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Georgia. This saw five banks, across three separate jurisdictions, conduct multiple payment-v...
Instant Payments
AfricaNenda: Digital Payment Access is Steadily Increasing. What Barriers Remain?
The instant payment ecosystem in Africa continues to show increased dynamism, as the number of instant payment systems (IPS) expands and more transactions run through them, as documented in the State of Inclusive Instant Payment Systems in Africa 2023 report (SIIPS 2023). This second annual SIIPS re...
CCAF Catalysing Change and Enhancing Impact: Strengthening Financial Authorities through Digital Knowledge
Through close collaboration with academic researchers, national and international policy-making bodies, and industry practitioners, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance provides the expertise necessary to fulfil its mission. Its ongoing evolution fuels influence and drives impactful change b...
Danmarks Nationalbank: Future-Proofing the Danish Payments Infrastructure
The settlement of the Danish krone (DKK) is scheduled to migrate to the European payment and securities settlement platform TARGET Services in 2025. The Danish krone will be the first non-euro currency to be connected to all TARGET Services for payments and securities settlement. The migration is a ...
CBDC Needs a Plan B in Global Crises and Uncertainties
The focus of this article is to consider the relevance of a concern often raised in the context of the development of CBDC, namely the potential bank run scenario. This scenario is one of the justifications for the central bank preference to set limits to the funds that can be loaded onto a CBDC acc...
Instant Payments
Central Bank of Iceland's Journey in Instant Payments and Cannibalization of RTGS Payments
Iceland's journey in the realm of instant payments is historic, dating back to 2002 with the initiation of the Central Bank of Iceland's large value payment system, SG, followed by the introduction of the instant payment system, JK, in 2003. These systems, collectively referred to as the Central Ban...
Instant Payments
Al Etihad Payments: Aani Instant Payments Platform - Redefining UAE's Financial Landscape
The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates is actively pursuing digital innovation through the Financial Infrastructure Transformation (FIT) Programme. Among other key objectives, the FIT Programme focusses on driving financial inclusion, promoting payment innovation, enhancing security and effici...
Cross-Border Payments
GLEIF - Fighting Crime with Transparency in Cross-border Payments: The Need for Universal Entity Identification
The Legal Entity Identifier — as a unique global identifier — can solve the critical problem of insufficient transparency in counterparty identification in cross-border payments ecosystems. Why? Adding the LEI as a data attribute in payment messages allows any originator or beneficiary legal entity ...

In This Issue: March 2024

  • We go “In Conversation” with Zeynel Abidin Avcı and Bilgehan Kürsad Öz of the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye for a detailed discussion on instant payments, the digital Turkish lira, and how the central bank is building a financial ecosystem for the future.
  • AfricaNenda Deputy CEO Sabine Mensah shares findings from the State of Inclusive Instant Payment Systems in Africa 2023 report and identifies the gains and barriers to expanded digital payment access throughout the continent.
  • Rochelle Momberg, Akshi Saggar, and Gulgun Afacan Adanir of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance reveal how CCAF is catalysing change with empowering education.
  • In our Industry Profile, RTGS.global CEO Jarrad Hubble provides insights into how bringing PvP solutions to emerging markets can facilitate regional integration and the internationalisation of a wide range of currencies.
  • Plus, we catch you up on the latest payments news, reports, personnel movement, and more from the past month.
In This Issue: March 2024