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Retail Payments
Portugal: A Renewed National Strategy to Add Efficiency and Modernisation to Retail Payment Services
Following the successful implementation of the first national retail payments strategy in 2022, new challenges illustrate the dynamic nature of the payments ecosystem paving the way for the adoption of a second edition, with renewed focus and a result of work done by the Payments Systems Forum, aimi...
Cross-Border Payments
Decoding ISO 20022: Lessons for Cross-Border Payments
As ISO 20022 adoption gains momentum, we believe that policymakers and the broader financial services community can leverage insights from the last 15 years of ISO 20022 implementations, while also drawing from card networks’ more than 40 years of experience to modernize payments systems, improve in...
VOX DEI: The Criticality of Consumers’ Voices in the Development of CBDC
The emerging consensus that consumer acceptance is a critical success factor in a CBDC deployment compels countries at all stages of CBDC development to align their designs closely with consumer needs and expectations. These insights can only be established from an effective consumer understanding s...
In Conversation with Binur Zhalenov of the National Payments Corporation of Kazakhstan
Central Bank Payments News spoke to Binur Zhalenov, Chief Executive Officer of the National Payments Corporation of Kazakhstan, about the evolution and future of the Digital Tenge, its place within a broader digital revolution, and lessons Kazakhstan’s experience can offer other jurisdictions as the...
National Bank of Belgium: A Digital Euro for the Digital Era
The possible introduction of a digital euro, in the form of a central bank retail digital currency or CBDC, would be a major project for the euro area and the Eurosystem. It would significantly change the form in which central bank money is made available to the general public and therefore represen...
Implementation of the Digital Euro
The digital euro will enter a highly competitive, multifaceted, and heterogeneous payments landscape in the Eurozone. As with any other payment method, it needs to provide additional value for the variety of stakeholders to achieve the envisioned acceptance among users.
Cross-Border Payments
Asian Development Bank: Project Tridecagon — Connecting Payment and Settlement Systems of 13 Asian Countries with DLT/Blockchain
In June this year, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) published the report Connecting Market Infrastructures in ASEAN+3: The Project Tridecagon Proof of Concept. The report explained the result of the proof of concept (POC), which aimed to connect key market infrastructures of the central banks’ real-...
Driving Retail CBDC Adoption Through Lean Product Development
The Lean Product Development (LPD) literature offers strategies to guide user-centered design and drive adoption. Prominent LPD concepts are discussed here in the context of retail CBDC development.
Financial Inclusion
Towards Digitalising Payment Systems for Financial Inclusion in South Africa
South Africa is considered by many to be a dual economy where a large percentage of the population live in poor conditions in rural areas, and another significantly large percentage are wealthy and live in urban areas. Many of the people that live in the rural areas in South Africa are often unbanke...

IN THIS ISSUE: November 2023

  • Our November Feature highlights Banco de Portugal’s recently issued second National Strategy for Retail Payments, as Senior Advisor Rui Pimentel reveals how Strategy-25 will bring renewed efficiency and modernisation to retail payments in Portugal.
  • As the payments industry moves toward ISO 20022 adoption, Visa’s Nasreen Quibria and Kristina Breen suggest there are lessons to be drawn from the retail card ecosystem’s decades of experience that can help guide the transition to ISO 20022.
  • We highlight the biggest announcements emerging from this month’s Singapore FinTech Festival.
  • Plus, all the global payments news of the past month, the must-read reports, notable speeches, and more.
IN THIS ISSUE: November 2023


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