BoF-PSS2: Bank of Finland Payment and Settlement System Simulator

Posted on Dec 19, 2019 by Tatu Laine, Senior Economist, and Kasperi Korpinen, Senior Economist, Payment Systems Department, Bank of Finland

The Bank of Finland has provided a multipurpose payment and securities settlement system simulator for the global central banking and research community since 2004. The simulator is a natural outcome for a central bank of a country that has always been at the forefront of digitalization of the banking sector.

The Bank of Finland Payment and Settlement System Simulator (BoF-PSS2) is a simulator that replicates production system features and settlement logics, and is distributed free of charge for non-commercial purposes. The simulator can be run on a regular desktop PC, which makes it easy to use. It has a modular design that allows the replication of practically any payment, clearing or securities settlement system.

The predecessor of the current simulator, BoF-PSS (#BoFSimulator, #BoFPSS2), was developed in the late 90s. As Finland was about to join the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and adopt the euro, it was decided ... Read more in the CBPN Members' Library with your annual subscription

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