Transforming Payments for the Real World: Industry Insights in 2024

Posted on May 23, 2024 by Brianna Erban, Editor in Chief, Central Bank Payments News

Welcome to the third annual Central Bank Payments News supplement! This insightful collection features perspectives from six leading players in the global payments ecosystem who are working closely with central banks to spark genuine transformation in payments.

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, central banks are increasingly harnessing the strengths and ingenuity of private sector innovators. These efforts are helping to enhance the efficiency, security, and accessibility of payment systems, while also tapping into new avenues for digital transformation and financial inclusion. Guided by the theme Transforming Payments for the Real World, the contributions in this year’s edition showcase a range of timely use cases and creative solutions for central banks from Crunchfish (Sweden), EMTECH (USA), ProgressSoft Corporation (Jordan), (UK), Unifits (Germany), and Visa (USA).

We invite you to explore this snapshot of how the payments industry is actively working together to find fresh answers to new and existing challenges, with valuable analysis on topics ranging from privacy considerations in CBDC, the need for regulatory innovation, and cross-border payments disruption in emerging markets to fostering innovative CBDC use cases and meeting the needs of end users to solve real-world problems.