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Recent Evolution of the Retail Payments Market in Hungary
Over the last decade, the Hungarian payments market has gone through a major development, and the use of electronic payment methods is constantly growing. The Central Bank of Hungary (MNB) actively contributed to the favourable processes in line with MNB’s payment strategy. MNB defined two main goal...
The Case for a Digital Alternative to Cash in South Africa
The Payments Association of South Africa’s Maurits Pretorius and Vinu Thomas detail the rapid growth of digital payments in South Africa and make the case for a cash-lite society
Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor, SBP Launches Pakistan’s National Payment Systems Strategy to Accelerate Digital Transformation
Sharoon Rasheed and Rehman Pervez from the State Bank of Pakistan’s Payment Systems Department provide an update on the exciting new developments transforming Pakistan’s payments landscape
BoF-PSS2: Bank of Finland Payment and Settlement System Simulator
The Bank of Finland has provided a multipurpose payment and securities settlement system simulator for the global central banking and research community since 2004. The Bank's Payment and Settlement System Simulator (BoF-PSS2) is a natural outcome for a central bank of a country that has always bee...
Payments Modernization Gains Momentum in Canada
Payments Modernization is progressing on a global scale, addressing consumer and business needs for greater speed, flexibility and security. Moreover, the entire payments landscape is evolving. The introduction of new technologies and capabilities, the presence of new participants in market and evol...
Looking Back and Ahead: The Riksbank’s E-krona Project
The Swedish Riksbank’s work on analyzing the potential need and consequences of issuing a Central Bank Issued Digital Currency (CBDC), the e-krona, has attracted significant international attention. Many central banks around the world are also investigating CBDCs, but the low and rapidly declining ...

IN THIS ISSUE: March 2020

  • László Kajdi, Senior Economic Analyst at Magyar Nemzeti Bank, on the evolution of Hungary’s retail payments landscape and how MNB is fostering innovation
  • A recap of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s PIRI Regional Regulatory Sandbox Roadshow by Eliki Vula Boletawa
  • Michaella Allen and Barry Cooper of Cenfri, the Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion, examine how a mobile money retail CBDC could transform financial inclusion efforts
  • A special Editor’s Note from CBPN’s Brianna Erban on the central bank response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Magyar Nemzeti Bank with an update on its recently launched instant payments service
  • Plus, all the latest developments, payments reports, people in the news ... and more
IN THIS ISSUE: March 2020

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