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G20 Roadmap for Enhanced Cross-Border Payments: What We Have Achieved Collectively and What is Next
Since the G20 roadmap was launched in autumn 2020, considerable progress has been achieved across 19 different building blocks (BBs). The authorities internationally have developed a strong understanding of the issues, taken stock of emerging solutions and assessed their potential, and published bes...
SEACEN: Eye on The South East Asian Central Banks Research and Training Centre
Currently, SEACEN reaches out to 35 central banks (19 member central banks, 8 associate members, and 8 observers), and the Centre collaborates with 28 strategic partners in the areas of macroeconomic and monetary policy management, financial stability, banking supervision and regulation, and payment...
The AFI’s South Asia Region Financial Inclusion Initiative: A Regional Commitment to Inclusive Financial Services
AFI’s eight South Asian member institutions came together at the Global Policy Forum (GPF) in September 2022 to launch the South Asia Region Financial Inclusion Initiative (SARFII). With AFI coordinating and facilitating the initiative, members are collaborating and sharing best practices to drive n...
Why CBDC is also a Commercial Bank Digital Currency
While the first two words of CBDC relate to central banks, they are not the sole stakeholders of the technology. But where do commercial banks and other financial institutions fit into this disruptive transformation, what will their role look like, and why is there little input from those entities i...
Cryptobanknotes: Blockchain-Based Cash for Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins and CBDCs
Cryptobanknotes are the first generation of hybrid banknotes produced using banknote printing technologies and blockchain technology. They will have their own e-wallet and interact with it using software, thanks to machine-readable codes printed on the cryptobanknote.
BIS Innovation Hub: Enhancing Cross-Border Payments and the Promise of Multi-CBDC Platforms
Focusing on the wholesale cross-border space, the BIS Innovation Hub has run three mCBDC cross-border experiments covering different jurisdictions with different technology architecture choices – Projects Jura, Dunbar and mBridge.

IN THIS ISSUE: January 2023

  • In our Feature this month, Victoria Cleland, Executive Director for Payments at the Bank of England, discusses the global effort to realise the ambitious vision of the G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-Border Payments, the progress made thus far, and the critical next steps for maintaining momentum throughout 2023 and beyond. With co-authors Anna Koch and Andrei Pustelnikov.
  • Ayse Sungur, Senior Financial Sector Expert at The South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research and Training Centre, details how the Centre is supporting its community of central banks to keep pace with digital payments innovation. 

  • Plus, all the latest global payments news from the past month, a curated list of must-read reports, noteworthy speeches, and much more!
IN THIS ISSUE: January 2023

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