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Bangladesh: Payment Systems Development
The financial landscape of Bangladesh has been rapidly transforming, driven by deeper forces: i) the adoption of financial technology led by the omnipresence of the internet and availability of power; ii) opportunities created by the demographic dividend of the country; iii) a young populace driving...
In Conversation with Sheila Warren
Central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and stablecoins captured the headlines in 2020, with central banks ramping up their research and pilot projects and the first issuance of a retail CBDC. What sort of developments can we expect in 2021? CBPN caught up recently with Sheila Warren, Head of Blockch...
EMTECH: The Coming Modernization of Central Banking
EMTECH is the fintech of Modern Central Banking, helping regulators leapfrog existing regulatory frameworks and systems, and to adopt an innovation mindset as well as an innovation toolset, says D.R. Maurice, Chief Risk & Policy Officer. A Modern Central Bank not only effectively regulates fintech, ...
CBDC Tracker: Classifying and Comparing Worldwide CBDC Projects
To provide a detailed database for CBDC projects, we have set up the CBDC Tracker. The CBDC Tracker is an open-source tool gathering CBDC-related information worldwide. The CBDC Tracker can be used to compare CBDC projects according to a broad array of dimensions, such as remuneration, access, techn...
The Italian Banking Association’s Spunta and Digital Euro Projects
Disruptive technologies. Even better, technology that explicitly aims to disintermediate traditional banks. There are three possible reactions: you can simply ignore it, you may hope they disappear, or you can try to understand and embrace the change. In 2017, Italian banks opted for the third op...
Instant Payments Serbia: The NBS IPS System of the National Bank of Serbia
The NBS IPS system is the first payment system in the country that enables instant money transfers, with an average processing time of just 1.2 seconds. The cap on individual transfer orders executed in the NBS IPS system is RSD 300,000 (around EUR 2,500). The system is an extension of the existing ...

IN THIS ISSUE: March 2021

  • Bangladesh Bank’s Shah Zia-Ul Haque and Salahuddin Mahmud on the enormous strides Bangladesh has taken in recent years to modernise its payment systems
  • We chat with the World Economic Forum’s Sheila Warren about digital currencies and the role the WEF is playing in supporting regulators and policymakers
  • Jonas Gross and Igor Mikhalev provide us with a detailed look at the CBDC Tracker, a constantly updated tool monitoring global CBDC activity.
  • Sylvia Attanasio, Head of Innovation at the Italian Banking Association (ABI), shares details on ABI’s Project Spunta and its preparations for a digital euro
  • Industry Profile: Carmelle Cadet discusses how EMTECH is helping to facilitate the modernisation of central banks
  • Plus, all the latest news, industry reports, people on the move … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: March 2021

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