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The Future of Cross-Border Payments: Canada’s Journey
The momentum of the FSB roadmap comes at an excellent time as Payments Canada is midway through a multi-year payments Modernization initiative. Guiding our country’s payments Modernization journey are the needs of Canadians, including financial institutions, businesses, governments and consumers. Th...
Nationwide Operational Resilience: Agile or Fragile?
In the years following the 2007-08 financial crisis, supervision frameworks were enhanced to oversee the global banking system which resulted in structural changes that strengthened banks’ financial resilience. While the availability of higher levels of capital and liquidity have enhanced organizati...
Releasing a National Strategy for Retail Payments in Portugal: Foresight of Medium-Term Evolution
The launch of Banco de Portugal's National Strategy for Retail Payments | Horizon 2022 represents the start of a new phase: implementing a wide range of initiatives to modernise the national market and payment habits within the next two years.
Estonia: Instant Payments as the New Normal and the Work to Set a New Frontier for Digitalisation
Estonia is a small e-country in the euro area with a population of 1.3 million, where each resident has a digital identity and the tools to use it online. Practically all residents find it much easier to verify their identity and sign documents electronically than by giving handwritten “wet” signatu...
Introducing the Visa Economic Empowerment Institute
As a global network with more than six decades of experience building inclusive digital ecosystems, Visa understands that creating the conditions for sustainable growth at scale is a shared responsibility of the public and private sectors. That is why we are launching the Visa Economic Empowerment I...
National Bank of Tajikistan Takes Payment System to New Level
In 2015 and under new management, the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) started to implement a series of fundamental reforms in the country’s banking and insurance sectors, including payment systems. Thus, in order to strengthen the future development of Tajikistan’s payment systems, the first-eve...

IN THIS ISSUE: December 2020

  • Rainer Olt, Head of Payments at Eesti Pank, on how instant payments are the new normal in Estonia
  • Banco de Portugal’s Rui Pimentel spotlights Portugal’s recently launched National Strategy for Retail Payments | Horizon 2022
  • Anne Butler, Payments Canada’s Chief Legal Officer and Vice President, Research and Policy, with an update payments modernisation in Canada
  • Industry Profile: ProgressSoft’s Rami Tannous on the importance of nationwide operational resilience
  • Plus, all of the latest payments news, industry reports, people on the move … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: December 2020

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