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In Conversation with Mark Gould, Chief Payments Executive, Federal Reserve Financial Services
Central Bank Payments News catches up with Mark Gould, a 30-year veteran of the Federal Reserve System and its first chief payments executive. In his new landmark role, Mark is responsible for leading the full range of cash and payment services provided by Federal Reserve Financial Services and wor...
Colombia: New Regulation for the Low Value Payment System
Based on the experience and regulations of other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Brazil, Decree 1692 of 2020 sets a new architecture for the low value payment system in Colombia. It adds objectives and principles for the operation of the industry and updates definitions of the ...
El Salvador: Perspective on the Development of the Financial System, With an Inclusive Approach and Use of New Technologies
The Covid-19 pandemic made evident the situation of exclusion to digital financial services that characterises El Salvador. The government faced this problem in its first year in office. Food delivery services increased, but only with the use of cash as a payment method; that is, with a great absenc...
Global Payments Summit: Toward Digital Sovereignty of European Retail Payments
The latest edition of the Europe Global Payments Summit, hosted online by Currency Research on 30 March, featured a high-profile panel on retail payments in Europe, bringing together a public and a private sector initiative ”with aligning views” on how to create a pan-European retail payments scheme...
Bangladesh: Payment Systems Development
The financial landscape of Bangladesh has been rapidly transforming, driven by deeper forces: i) the adoption of financial technology led by the omnipresence of the internet and availability of power; ii) opportunities created by the demographic dividend of the country; iii) a young populace driving...
In Conversation with Sheila Warren
Central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and stablecoins captured the headlines in 2020, with central banks ramping up their research and pilot projects and the first issuance of a retail CBDC. What sort of developments can we expect in 2021? CBPN caught up recently with Sheila Warren, Head of Blockch...

IN THIS ISSUE: April 2021

  • We sit down with Mark Gould to discuss his new role as the Federal Reserve System’s first Chief Payments Executive
  • Otto Boris Rodríguez, Vice President of Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador, on the challenges of building an inclusive financial system
  • Colombia’s Unit of Financial Regulation (URF, Unidad de Regulacíon Financiera) shares details on a modernised regulatory approach to the country’s low value payment system
  • We recap the recent Europe Global Payment Summit, which focused on the European Commission's Retail Payments Strategy and the European Payments Initiative
  • Plus, all the latest payments news, industry reports, people on the move … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: April 2021

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