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ECB: Financial Industry Adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies — Implications for Central Bank Money Settlement
The Eurosystem — consisting of the European Central Bank (ECB) and national central banks in the euro area — is analysing the potential impact of emerging technologies, including DLT, on the settlement of wholesale financial transactions. This work was initiated in response to increasing interest wi...
Digital Euro Preparations Gain Momentum
This article from Piet Mallekoote highlights the background of the digital euro project and provides an overview of the state of play and challenges. Substantial progress has been made in the euro area in recent years with preparations for a digital euro. A decision to introduce it depends on politi...
In Conversation with the Bank of Thailand’s Digital Currency Policy and Development Unit
Central Bank Payments News sat down recently with the Bank of Thailand’s Digital Currency Policy and Development Unit — Kasidit Tansanguan, Nuntapun Bhensook, and Thanaporn Rattanakul — to learn more about the retail digital baht pilot and what’s next for Thailand’s CBDC journey.
Cross-Border Payments
BISIH: Project Nexus - Enabling Instant Cross-Border Payments at Scale
The BIS Innovation Hub (BISIH) has developed Nexus, which is a blueprint to connect IPS globally in a multilateral and scalable manner. Nexus achieves this by standardising the way IPS connect to one another by leveraging on a common set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and ISO 20022 mes...
Visa: How Mid-market Companies are Taking Advantage of Global B2B Payments Innovations to Meet Trade Finance and Working Capital Objectives
Fast-growing mid-market businesses are increasingly embracing the dual objectives of payment digitalization and sustainability in pursuit of international growth goals. Unfortunately, mid-market businesses that are diversifying their exports haven’t always had the same options as larger enterprises ...
Industry Perspectives Report
Transforming Payments for the Real World: Industry Insights in 2024
The third annual Central Bank Payments News supplement features insightful perspectives from six leading players in the global payments ecosystem who are working closely with central banks to spark genuine transformation in payments.
National Bank of Georgia's Innovation Office: Importance and Need in Georgia’s Financial Sector
Regulators need to be open to innovation to balance the market, which is why the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) created the Financial Innovation Office (FIO). The FIO serves as a critical, yet often understated, protagonist at the heart of this technological revolution. New entrants in financial ser...
ProgressSoft: Guiding Your ISO 20022 Adoption Journey
The global payment landscape is undergoing a profound transformation with the adoption of ISO 20022 standards and Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) usage guidelines. This revolutionary shift not only brings forth promising innovations but also presents significant challenges for finan...
Instant Payments
AfricaNenda: Key Trends Shaping the Instant Payment Systems Landscape in Africa
The instant payment systems (IPS) landscape in Africa is vibrant, propelled by the growing need for faster, interoperable, more secure, more affordable, and more convenient retail payment options. As of 2023, there were 32 live public or public-private instant payment systems in Africa, processing o...

In This Issue: June 2024

  • Our Feature this month comes courtesy of the European Central Bank, as Holger Neuhaus and Mirjam Plooij detail the Eurosystem's exploratory work on the how the interaction between existing and DLT-based infrastructures for the settlement of central bank money can be facilitated.
  • Staying in the Eurosystem, Piet Mallekoote, former member of the ECB's Digital Euro Market Advisory Group, provides a thorough overview on the development to date of the digital euro and the existing challenges related to privacy, the compensation model, and user adoption.
  • Neha Mehta, author of the newly published "One Stop," discusses the rise of super apps and their potential to enhance financial inclusion, especially for women and SMEs.
  • Plus, we round up the latest payments news, must-read reports, thought-leading speeches, and more from the past month.
In This Issue: June 2024