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National Bank of Tajikistan Takes Payment System to New Level
In 2015 and under new management, the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) started to implement a series of fundamental reforms in the country’s banking and insurance sectors, including payment systems. Thus, in order to strengthen the future development of Tajikistan’s payment systems, the first-eve...
Argentina: Open Payments and Universal Access, Using a Functional Approach
Instant payments are now fully available across any institution in Argentina, bank or fintech, thanks to a comprehensive overhaul of the Argentine Electronic Fund Transfers regulation published in October 2020. The initiative aims to deliver 1500 million new retail transactions by 2022, more tha...
Azerbaijan Launches the New Digital Payment Platform
Aligned with one of the main goals of the State Program, the CBA developed the Instant Payment System (hereinafter—IPS), which successfully launched on October 1st, 2020. The main rationale behind this initiative is to respond to the most recent challenges in the field of payment systems and ensure ...
Can Central Banks Act as True Facilitators of Innovation in Finance?
Central banks around the world have two main ways of facilitating innovation. The first is by establishing Innovation Hubs. Hubs serve as a single point of contact for all firms (new or incumbent, regulated or unregulated, technology companies, etc.) introducing or considering the adoption of innova...
Albania—Chasing the Financially Excluded
Chasing excluded populations that don’t have access to financial services, which add up to around 60% of adult population, is considered to be crucial in addressing the heavily cash reliant economy in Albania and an important key to unlocking opportunities for development. This strategic objective h...
Buna: The Right Vision That is Being Delivered at the Right Time
Buna, the cross-border and multi-currency payment system, came to fruition on the 23rd of February 2020 as a culmination of an implementation program launched in 2018 that was preceded by a thorough feasibility study initiated in 2016. In fact, Buna’s vision emerged back in 2010 when the Arab Moneta...

IN THIS ISSUE: October 2020

  • Central Bank of Azerbaijan Director of the Payment Systems and Settlement Department Kamala Gurbanova with a feature article on Azerbaijan’s brand-new instant payments system
  • Ezechiel Copic and Vanessa Slavich of cLabs on mobile-first blockchain platform Celo and its efforts at building an inclusive financial system
  • We spotlight India’s first steps towards open banking via the Reserve Bank of India’s Account Aggregator Framework. Authored by Rakesh Verma.
  • An overview of Federal Reserve Senior Counsel Jess Cheng’s recently published “How to Build a Stablecoin.”
  • Plus, all of the latest news, industry reports, speeches … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: October 2020

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