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Can Central Banks Act as True Facilitators of Innovation in Finance?
Central banks around the world have two main ways of facilitating innovation. The first is by establishing Innovation Hubs. Hubs serve as a single point of contact for all firms (new or incumbent, regulated or unregulated, technology companies, etc.) introducing or considering the adoption of innova...
Albania—Chasing the Financially Excluded
Chasing excluded populations that don’t have access to financial services, which add up to around 60% of adult population, is considered to be crucial in addressing the heavily cash reliant economy in Albania and an important key to unlocking opportunities for development. This strategic objective h...
Buna: The Right Vision That is Being Delivered at the Right Time
Buna, the cross-border and multi-currency payment system, came to fruition on the 23rd of February 2020 as a culmination of an implementation program launched in 2018 that was preceded by a thorough feasibility study initiated in 2016. In fact, Buna’s vision emerged back in 2010 when the Arab Moneta...
Future of the Payment System in Nigeria: 2020 and Beyond
Nigeria is acknowledged as a major economic force within Africa, and also an active player in the global economy. To participate actively therefore, her payments system must be credible, reliable and efficient, and successfully benchmarked against the best practices adopted by the most developed nat...
Lithuania: Building a Fintech Success Story from a Regulatory Point of View
The ongoing technological transformation in the sphere of financial services has not only improved financial services themselves but also created new opportunities for countries willing to attract innovation. In recent years, Lithuania has emerged as one of the largest centres for fintech companies ...
BIS - Regulating Fintech: Many Approaches for Many Challenges
New tech-savvy players are entering the financial market left and right. The way they provide financial services would not be possible without the advances in financial technology we have witnessed in recent years. But traditional financial institutions are also increasingly incorporating innovative...

IN THIS ISSUE: September 2020

  • Stavroula Kampouridou, Head of FinTech Innovation Hub, Advisor at the Bank of Greece, on the role BoG is playing to actively promote innovation in Greece’s financial ecosystem
  • We spotlight the Digital Currency Global Initiative, a joint venture of the Stanford Future of Digital Currency Program (Lab) and the UN’s International Telecommunications Union. Authored by Natalya Thakur and Lawrence Rufrano.
  • Industry Profile: ACI Worldwide’s Lu Zurawski details how real-time central infrastructures provide value to both consumers and merchants
  • Plus, a comprehensive round-up of the latest news, industry reports, people on the move … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: September 2020

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