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Instant Payments Serbia: The NBS IPS System of the National Bank of Serbia
The NBS IPS system is the first payment system in the country that enables instant money transfers, with an average processing time of just 1.2 seconds. The cap on individual transfer orders executed in the NBS IPS system is RSD 300,000 (around EUR 2,500). The system is an extension of the existing ...
The Central Bank of Azerbaijan Accelerates Digital Transformation with the First Blockchain-Based Digital Identification System in Azerbaijan
As one of the priorities of the State Program, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter—Central Bank of Azerbaijan) implemented the Blockchain-based Digital Identification System (hereinafter—DIS) to increase financial inclusion and ease digital access to banking services in the c...
Innovation at the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
In our country, since 2006, the Central Bank has been promoting the development of a safe and efficient payment system, with the assistance of all economic agents, directing efforts to strengthen the regulatory, operational and technological framework of the Payment and Securities Settlement System ...
Recent FinTech and E-Payment Initiatives in Kuwait
“We, at the Central Bank of Kuwait, are preparing the infrastructure for future aspirations that would enable a truly digital economy.” With these words in September 2019, Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Governor Mohammad Y. Al-Hashel laid out a vision that underscored the mandate to foster innovation,...
The Future of Cross-Border Payments: Canada’s Journey
The momentum of the FSB roadmap comes at an excellent time as Payments Canada is midway through a multi-year payments Modernization initiative. Guiding our country’s payments Modernization journey are the needs of Canadians, including financial institutions, businesses, governments and consumers. Th...
Nationwide Operational Resilience: Agile or Fragile?
In the years following the 2007-08 financial crisis, supervision frameworks were enhanced to oversee the global banking system which resulted in structural changes that strengthened banks’ financial resilience. While the availability of higher levels of capital and liquidity have enhanced organizati...

IN THIS ISSUE: February 2021

  • National Bank of Serbia Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković with an update on Instant Payments Serbia (IPS), the Balkan region’s first instant payments system
  • Farid T. Osmanov, Executive Director of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, on the central bank’s recently launched blockchain-based digital ID system
  • A comprehensive roundup of the latest global payments news, industry reports, people on the move … and more
IN THIS ISSUE: February 2021

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