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Central Bank of Montenegro: How to Boost Banking and Payment Innovation in a Small Developing Economy
Fostering innovation brings with it different challenges depending on the level of development, market size or even the geographic position of a country. When compared to the frontrunners, small markets face barriers that are much more challenging than those found in advanced economies. There is som...
Discover: The Role of Central Banks in Supporting Domestic Payments Schemes and the Benefits for Their Country
The concept of partnering with an alternative international payments scheme that allows for domestic scheme independence while sharing common technology is a model that provides scale, global acceptance, and standardizes the rules for international transactions.
National Bank of Ethiopia: Innovative and Inclusive Payments
In July 2021, the National Bank of Ethiopia launched its first ever National Digital Payments Strategy, an ambitious initiative that aims to build an innovative payments ecosystem in support of a cash-lite and inclusive economy. Central Bank Payments News spoke to the National Bank’s Solomon Damtew ...
BankservAfrica: Africa’s New Cross-border Payments Scheme is Open for Business
Creating a cross-border payments ecosystem that delivers collaborative value between authorised financial institutions across the Southern African Development Community is possible through a new, world-first African payments scheme that is fully operational. Ruhling Herbst, Programme Sponsor for TCI...
Digital Frontiers: Capacity Building for the Central Bank Digital Currency Journey in Emerging Market and Developing Economies
This year, the Digital Frontiers Institute convened the first CBDC Workshop focusing on emerging market and developing economies. The workshop aimed to: Firm up the understanding of the definition of CBDCs; Increase understanding that the CBDC “pathway” is not a straight line, but that there are man...
Visa: Getting Digital Currencies to Talk to Each Other
In September, Visa published a pair of CBDC reports about Universal Payment Channels (UPCs). The specifics of UPCs are laid out in the research paper Universal Payment Channels: An Interoperability Platform for Digital Currencies. The second paper, Cross-border Payments for Central Bank Digital Curr...

IN THIS ISSUE: December 2021

  • Ivan Bošković reveals how the Central Bank of Montenegro is fostering banking and payments innovations in this small, developing economy
  • In our Industry Profile, Jerry Fosker of Discover Global Network highlights how central banks can achieve their policy objectives by supporting domestic payment schemes
  • We provide a complete recap of Currency Research’s fifth annual Central Bank Payments Conference
  • Plus, we catch you up on all the latest news, industry reports, noteworthy central bank speeches and more from the past month

IN THIS ISSUE: December 2021

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