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June 2023

In this issue:

The Central Bank Payments Conference took place from 26–28 June in Cape Town, South Africa. We're pleased to present this special conference edition of CBPN, featuring a range of speakers and topics that were showcased at the event.

  • A double feature from the World Bank Group: Senior Financial Specialist Maimouna Gueye provides a detailed update on mobile money’s growing potential for digital financial inclusion in the WAEMU, while Senior Financial Specialist Holti Banka and Payments Consultant Andrea Monteleone describe the newly launched Project FASTT (Frictionless Affordable Safe Timely Transactions) and the role of central banks in leading fast payments initiatives
  • In an exclusive Chairman’s Perspective contribution, Arab Monetary Fund Director General Chairman H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman A. Al-Hamidy offers his reflections on the future of payments
  • AfricaNenda Deputy CEO Sabine Mensah describes how instant and inclusive payment systems are driving progress across Africa, and reveals plans for a new State of Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems report
  • CEO Ghita Erling and Chief Strategy Officer Maurits Pretorius offer a close look at the Payments Association of South Africa’s (PASA) ongoing transformation into an interoperability-focused Payments Industry Body
  • Digging deeper to improve cross-border payments: Visa’s Chad Harper and Alan Koenigsberg take a look at how use case, corridor, and context can reveal opportunities for improvement in making payments across borders
  • We’ve also gathered the latest news from around the globe including many items you may have missed — plus a comprehensive list of the latest payments-related reports, notable speeches and presentations from industry leaders, a recap of the Digital Currency Conference in Mexico City, and much more.